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We live in an era where businesses and customers are always connected, and excellent customer service is key to maintaining a strong bond. Nowadays, customers are empowered to contact companies, ask questions, and demand solutions. If their expectations are not met on time, it could have severe repercussions on the businesses' reputation.


Across the globe, 96% of consumers say customer service is a main factor in determining their loyalty to a brand.


Customer service is the backbone of any business. Every day, businesses are connecting with customers through different online platforms to ensure that they have all the tools they need to have a pleasant experience with the brand, become loyal customers, and turn into brand advocates. Here are 5 valuable customer service tool you can use to open a clear communication path:


1. Social Media Support

Social media is the epitome of digital connections. Besides being a place to connect with family and friends, social media is an excellent channel for businesses to communicate with customers. It gives customers instant access to the brands they love, an opportunity to learn what others are saying about it, and an outlet to vent out when things go wrong.

Social media is the new frontier of customer service and a powerful tool for businesses to connect with consumers. Social media customer support should be timely, accurate, sensitive, brief, and friendly. Now more than ever, businesses need to pay more attention to keeping a happy customer base by engaging with them and solve their inquiries fast to avoid any unfortunate interaction. Click here to learn more about how to deliver excellent social media customer service. 


2. Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Customer Satisfaction Surveys (CSS) are used to measure the customers' satisfaction with a product or service, identify sentiment, and relationship potential. CSS focusses on the customer's point of view; surveys are instrumental in identifying areas of opportunity that could help business growth.

A typical Customer Satisfaction Survey usually consists of 5 to 10 questions depending on the product, customer service experience, and the overall satisfaction with your business. The main goal is to obtain customer feedback to improve your customer experience and, thus, their happiness.


3. Live Chats

Live chats makes customer service a real-time conversation by promoting an immediate discussion directly on the business' website. In fact, live chats have the highest satisfaction more than email and phone. In today's fast-paced world, customers don't have the time to wait over the phone or for an email, if they don't get an answer they'll move onto the next business that fulfills their expectations. Live chat can help customer retention reduce expenses, increase sales, influence the customer's perception about your business and give you deep insights on customer pain points.


4. Short Message Service Support

These days, we spend most of our time with a cell phone. Short message service support (SMS) Support is any assistance provided by a business to a customer via text messaging. It connects businesses and customers in a personal way and keeps them engaged with fast responses. Texting will help your customers feel more familiar, and it will allow you to address an issue from start to finish in one single platform. 


5. Self-Service Sites

Self-service sites facilitate customers to solve problems by themselves without asking for assistance from the customer care specialists. Sections like FAQ can offer your customers another way to learn more about your business without asking your customer care specialists.


It is clear that paying attention to your customers through any channel is an excellent opportunity for businesses to gather valuable information to learn more about its customers, get feedback, and implement changes to set the business up for success.

Francisco Martinez
Francisco Martinez

As a Digital Customer Service Manager, Francisco knows the importance of listening to customers. His 10 years of social media experience make him an invaluable asset to the digital customer service team. Before joining SPS DGTL, he worked with Citi, monitoring social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, & Google+ for customer service opportunities.