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Companies must develop effective B2B marketing tactics to adapt to ever-changing consumer needs, and it all starts with a solid strategy. In fact, 84% of marketers who feel their marketing is ineffective, admitted to not having a documented strategy.

How can you stay ahead of the competition? Make your business soar with these tactics for building a successful B2B Marketing Strategy:



1. Outline Your Market

Do you have a profile of your ideal buyer persona? Construct an ideal client to map out and create highly targeted content. This will help you segment your audience and personalize your strategy for each sector by defining background, needs and wants of your target audience to create appealing content that connects with your market.

Helpful resources for building out your personas:

  • Existing customer feedback
  • New prospect feedback
  • Website form submissions
  • Contact databases


2. Define Your Purpose

Whether you’re doing email marketing, blogging, SEO, or social media, your B2B marketing strategy should always have a clear goal and outlined plan for success. Define what you want to achieve, how you want to do it, and when you want results.

Every marketing tactic should include:

  • Specific and measurable results
  • An attainable outcome
  • Timeframe


3. Keep Your Promises

Your B2B marketing should deliver what promises, otherwise, it could damage your relationship with your audience. In other words: avoid clickbait. Create valuable content that connects with your buyer persona to help you establish your brand as an authority in your field.

Your content could include:

  • Credible facts & figures
  • Emotion-evoking copy
  • Authentic brand voice



4. Establish a Plan & KPIs

When planning how to get your message through, your buyer personas will help you define your target audience, what channels are they using, and their expectations for each. Outline clear KPIs for each channel to track the performance of your new content.

Benefits of setting KPIs early:

  • Measure strategy effectiveness
  • Understand what’s working & what’s not
  • Help course correct immediately


5. Use Integrated Channels

How can you entice them to engage with your brand? A cohesive B2B marketing strategy will integrate all media channels to give the audience an immersive experience and help them transition easily between your channels.

An integrated plan should include:

  • A clear purpose for each channel
  • Consistent visual branding & content


6. Have a Content Distribution Strategy

Your content distribution strategy is a crucial tactic for your B2B marketing strategy to work. This helps you rank higher in search engines, put you in front of your audience, create a relationship with them, and eventually it will help you meet your goals.   

Your content distribution strategy should:

  • Reiterate your goal
  • Educate & inform your buyers
  • Diversify your channels
  • Tell your brand story



Constant assessment of your B2B marketing strategy will help you adjust your tactics based on performance and audience reaction. Keeping your B2B marketing tactics aligned with current trends takes dedication, expertise and a quick response to the ever-changing tendencies.


Are you ready to tackle your B2B marketing strategy? Book your intro call, and we can assist you in the development and implementation of a new strategy to establish your brand an authority in its field.

Kristen Edge
Kristen Edge

As a recent Marketing graduate from The University of Texas at San Antonio, Kristen is excited to bring new ideas to the engagement world. Prior to being a Mid Market Sales Rep, Kristen was an Account Manager as well as a Social Engagement and Customer Care Specialist at SPS DGTL. She understands what brands and their customers need and want in the digital spectrum. In her free time, Kristen takes on the role of social media manager for her puppy, Ollie’s Instagram account.