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Social media management is more than just tweeting a few jokes and calling it a day. It's a well-planned recipe of tools and services, but paying for too many primo tools can sabotage your budget. If you’re new to the social media management game, finding the right tools can be a lifesaver.

That’s why we’ve put together a helpful rundown of the best free content tools for social media managers:

Brainstorming Tools

Where do you go when you have writer’s block, but only two hours blocked on your calendar to plan your social content? Time to break out your content brainstorming tool belt:



It’s a smart practice to “read the room” when you start your brainstorming process. And for social media managers, that room is Twitter.


What’s trending on Twitter is a good indication of what people want to talk about on any given day.


And there are creative hashtags coming up all the time, like #RuinMyDayin5Words, that you can use as an idea for your next post. Now, you might say, “Wait a second– I plan my company’s content a week in advance. How does this help me?”

While the biggest danger with planning your content days in advance is lost relevancy, you can counteract this by intentionally planning unfilled “trending” posts in your content calendar that you fill in the day of instead of in advance.

best free content tools



As one large online forum, Reddit can be useful place for content marketers to investigate self-selecting audience segments based on category and interest.

What’s not to love? Well, a few things might alert you that this is more of a gift pony than a gift thoroughbred. If you work as a marketer for a hearing aid dispensary, the demographics won’t help you here: the audience is largely late teens to early 20s.

But if you work for a small video production company, posting your coolest (and watermarked) work to the “r/woahdude” subreddit, could gather a ton of attention. And if you work for a local business, tap into the subreddit for your city to see what’s trending in your own zip code. 

Don’t create a brand account, just dig into this community as an individual and explore the wide world of available subreddits (from the weird to the fantastically bizarre). 

best free content tools


Copywriting Tools

So, you’ve got your idea for a post and you’re running with it. You’ve drafted the copy, but it’s a little dull. How do you step it up? These resources can majorly amp up your content game:

A great way to bump up your posts is to take out the common words and get more creative. Meet You can take your dull and overused words and come up with something truly “striking.”

Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 11.36.59 AM



Spell check everything, automatically. Get the extension.



CoSchedule's Social Media Optimizer

And for the crown jewel of copywriting tools, we introduce the Social Messaging Optimizer from CoSchedule. This handy tool will work some copywriting jujitsu on your next social post. It takes your content, the type of post you’re going for, and the intended platform, and provides a score with recommendations of what to keep and what to change. Read more about our own tinkering with this delightful tool.

CoSchedule Social Media Optimizer



Graphic Design Tools

Now you have your copy, but you want a powerful graphic to emphasize your content. Where do you go? Here are some options that are both easy to use and easy on your budget.



Ah, the prom king of the online graphic design tools. Canva rules the roost through a host of templates, illustrations, sizing choices, and fonts. If you’re on a tight budget, come here for the fonts, templates, and editing options. 



Weirdly enough, this tool can work beautifully (and freely) in tandem with a free Canva subscription. One of the biggest limitations of Canva is the paucity of quality and relevant free stock images, but Stencil gives you 15 images per month at no cost. 

best free content tools


What to Do With All Your Savings

Now with the best free content tools lining your digital tool belt, you can increase your productivity without spending all of your pennies. Cutting costs without sacrificing quality when it comes to your social copywriting and graphics can boost your ability to invest in social advertising, scheduling tools and social customer service platforms.

Alyssa Bemis
Alyssa Bemis

As our Project Manager, Alyssa ensures that every client project runs smoothly while researching fresh, informative, and appealing content to make sure our clients stay on the cutting edge. She’s been actively using social media for the last 9 years which makes her our go-to source for social media news. She’s currently pursuing a degree in Psychology with a minor in Management at the University of the Incarnate Word.