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In today’s world of instant gratification, there are high expectations for positive customer experiences. Customers demand their needs and wants to be covered ASAP. They turn to businesses to solve their necessities and expect them to fulfill them quick, easy, and effortlessly. For companies, this could be a hit or miss, because its reputation depends on every customer's experience and satisfaction with their service and/or products.


Every interaction -even if it's not a sale- is an opportunity for businesses to show they care, they're there, and they're the best in their field. A business may have the best prices in town, but if its customer service is poor, people may pay a little more for better customer experience.


So, what happens when a customer gives your business a bad review? Reading a bad customer review can feel gut-wrenching, but there might be a silver lining to this, and many lessons to learn. Don't fret, every customer review is an opportunity for your business to grow, alerts you of issues you weren't aware of, and validates your company.

With almost 90% of consumers relying on online reviews to interact with businesses, how can you turn negative customer interaction into a positive experience? Here's how to turn around a negative customer experience into a winning experience for your business.


customer experience


1. Find Calm in The Chaos

Customer service is everything to consumers today. If they're not happy with your business, they'll let you and all your social media followers know, and that might not be very good for business. It is natural to feel distressed when someone publicly criticizes your business, but a negative customer review is not the end of the world.

Remain calm, take a moment to read, analyze, and understand your customer's concerns before you take action. Give your customers an opportunity to express themselves, and give your business the chance to improve your customer experience strategy and reply in a way that will win customers over.


2. Empathize With Your Customers

Nobody likes to get a bad online review, but you have 2 choices: ignore the customer or take action and transform the situation to a satisfactory outcome. Online, every action is an answer. Even an ignored customer review sends a message: You don't care about your customers. Be sure to reply and understand your customer's needs to be on their right sides.


One of the best customer retention strategies is to empathize with your customers.


Let them know you understand how they're feeling and you genuinely want to help. 70% of buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated, so its essential all your customers feel taken care of, even the unsatisfied customers.


3. Analyze The Situation & Make Yourself Available

Take a moment to step back and review each interaction objectively. Read the review, contact the customer, learn everything you can about his interaction with your business and how you can make it better. 


Be prepared before diving in the conversation, and to ask more questions about the customer's concerns.


Evaluate the situation and how to solve it to make your customer happy. Be there, be ready, be proactive, this is the perfect moment to build trust among your customers and build a relationship that leads to customer retention.


4. Take Action And Go The Extra Mile While Doing So

Almost 90% of consumers read businesses' responses to reviews, so this is your moment to make your business shine. Pay close attention to your customers' needs and go above and beyond to make them happy. Let's be clear that responding to customer inquiries doesn't mean you are fixing their problem. 


Customers notice when you're actively trying to solve their issue, so don't just respond to their inquiry, give them a solution.


This is an excellent opportunity to exceed your customers' expectations and turn a dissatisfied customer into a loyal customer, and show potential customers what your business is all about. 


5. Ask For Feedback

After every situation is solved and your customer is happy, ask for feedback. Customer satisfaction surveys are a perfect way to verify if they're satisfied with your business, your areas of opportunity, and ensure a happy ending on both ends.

An essential element of customer retention strategies is to know all about the good, the bad and the ugly reviews, analyze the data the customers are giving you, and take actions to improve the customers' experience with your brand.

customer experience

Paying attention to every customer review and interaction is essential to understanding consumers' behavior. In this day and age, every customer has an online voice, and they're ready to use it if their needs are not fulfilled. Show your customers how valuable they are to your business and turn these challenging moments into growing opportunities by taking action.


Do you want to know more about how to improve your online customer service? Book an intro call today to start taking control of your social media conversations. 

Francisco Martinez
Francisco Martinez

As a Digital Customer Service Manager, Francisco knows the importance of listening to customers. His 10 years of social media experience make him an invaluable asset to the digital customer service team. Before joining SPS DGTL, he worked with Citi, monitoring social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, & Google+ for customer service opportunities.