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It is impossible to describe the feeling of leading a team as hardworking and dedicated as my SPS DGTL Social Engagement and Customer Care Specialists. I am deeply proud of the things we are able to accomplish together in our mission of humanizing digital communications.  The hard work my team puts forth inspires me to constantly find new ways to motivate them and bond as a team. So, I decided to take team building literally and signed us up for a day of hard work with Habitat for Humanity. Little did I know that just one day of IRL team building would have such a big impact on us.


Our partnership with Habitat for Humanity gave us the opportunity to:


Connect with Our Local Community

IRL team building

We spent the day helping out at the site; cleaning up debris, putting up siding and helping in any way we could. The physical work involved in building a house was definitely different than being in the office. It was a great way, however, to spark new energy and combat screen burnout.

Everyone really enjoyed being a part of something bigger and building a home for a family that had none. Community building is in our DNA at SPS DGTL. So, it was great coming together for the purpose of giving back to our IRL community. The outing was such a valuable experience that we plan to continue volunteering as a team several times a year!



Engage with Our Team

IRL team building

The SPS DGTL mission of humanizing digital communications draws a great parallel with our team members because it's unique and stands out. We always embrace diversity and believe that a diverse team is the key to providing truly human digital experiences. Though this diversity is always prominent, our responsibilities mean that we don’t always get to fully indulge in each other’s perspectives.

Volunteering at Habitat for Humanity gave us the opportunity to get to know each other a little better outside of the work environment. It was exciting to learn new things about my team and understand more about what makes them so unique. Our volunteer experience was truly rewarding. We were able to serve our community and become closer in the process. In the end, volunteering helps us remember to keep the humanity in humanizing digital communication.


Growing Our Understanding of Collaboration and Team Work

Helping build a home was also a great way to practice effective and efficient teamwork skills. These skills become increasingly important for overall team productivity as our team grows and expands. Working together was crucial when dealing with things like power tools and construction debris. If your teammate is hammering a nail and you aren't paying attention, you could end up losing a thumb! Putting up the siding was a great exercise in communication and trust, both essential traits in productive team collaboration.

Our team relies heavily on collaboration. Communicating clearly and knowing the needs of our teammates is essential in addressing customers promptly and appropriately. When things start to get hairy and we receive a heavy volume of social comments, we have to act like a well-oiled machine. Luckily, the team has a knack for adapting to the unexpected and accomplishing amazing things in the process.


IRL Team Building Strengthened Our Digital Team

Keeping our team connected, engaged, and growing is essential to accomplishing our mission of humanizing digital communications. Now that we've seen the success of one IRL team building event, be on the lookout for where we go next!


Want to learn more about the humans behind SPS DGTL? Get to know us here! 

Alyssa Bemis
Alyssa Bemis

As our Project Manager, Alyssa ensures that every client project runs smoothly while researching fresh, informative, and appealing content to make sure our clients stay on the cutting edge. She’s been actively using social media for the last 9 years which makes her our go-to source for social media news. She’s currently pursuing a degree in Psychology with a minor in Management at the University of the Incarnate Word.