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Whoa, check out our makeover! Last week underwent some major changes to showcase our new digital solutions. And we think it turned out pretty slick.


Why did we change our look?

As we continue to grow as a company, there’s more we can do! We needed a website that reflected the true scope of what our team can accomplish. Meet our new all in one or a-la-carte solutions for digital, social, creative and tech.


woman typing on a laptop



Yes, I know. Pretty much all of our solutions are digital. But things do get more specific. Our digital solutions are about all things digital marketing. That means we can strategize to meet your digital goals, handle all your SEO & PPC needs, provide media relations for viral events and YES we can manage your digital customer service.



Back to our roots. Social media continues to evolve and is important for not only digital marketing but customer service and more. Our social solutions help you crack the code behind your social data and provide valuable insights for your business.



So you’ve gone digital, but what does your content look like? Our team creates impactful work that tells your brands unique story. Whether that’s on your website, social or elsewhere, we’ve got content and design covered.

woman being creative



Now here’s the real kicker. No longer do you have to search the globe for the perfect tech to handle your incoming social traffic. Our tech creates the perfect all in one solution for an entire digital customer service strategy. No pressure though, all of our services are available a-la-carte as well.


How did we do it?

There’s the why. But how did we pull this off? Well my friends, it’s all about team work. When these changes began moving quickly our team was at the ready. We were able to quickly mobilize and implement an Agile framework for managing the project. This kept us productive, creative and most importantly on time for the release.




In a mere two months, our team whipped up a whole new high-quality website! And I have to say we are pretty dang proud of it. But the blessing and the curse of website building is that it’s never over. We will continue to add to the website and make data driven improvements... probably forever (that’s a good thing, I promise!)


What does our makeover do for you?

Our website makeover is for you. Our goal is to be transparent with what we do. That means showing the full scope of our solutions and describing our process clearly. We want to make working with us as easy as possible. So please feel free to let us know what you think!


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Fernanda Yee Soto
Fernanda Yee Soto

As our Associate Creative Director, Copy, Fernanda helps shape the voice and narrative of our clients' blogs, social media content, and ad campaigns. She’s always driven to find the perfect word, either in English or Spanish. She’s been working in radio, tv, media, and copywriting for 10 years. She graduated with a bachelor's degree in Communications from the Autonomous University of Baja California.