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Traffic is the driving force of online businesses. Google processes at least 3.5 billion searches per day, which translates to a vast amount of traffic is a result of search engines redirecting.


With so many brands offering similar services, how can you enhance your website’s visibility and rank it above your competitors?




The main focus of Search Engine Optimization is to position a website in organic search results. Here are some benefits SEO can provide for your website:


Brand Awareness

Having your website in top position rankings improves your content visibility, trustworthiness, and exposure. Being on the first page helps users identify your brand as an authority in its field.



Once your business gets to the top of the SERPs organically, SEO applications will continue to provide constant benefits to your business by generating traffic.



While optimizing your website’s visibility takes time, in the long run, SEO is the most cost-effective marketing tactic overall since there are no fees per click.






Pay Per Click is a marketing technique where advertisers bid for their content to be featured in sponsored results. Here are the benefits of PPC:



When users search for specific keywords, paid search will always be located before the top-ranked sites raising a brand’s visibility even if users decide to scroll past them.



You can narrow down your target audience using keywords, location, language, time and date, device and previous visits allowing you to reach a specific niche.


Faster Results

A PPC ad campaign can be created and implemented in a short span of time so you can quickly see if your strategy is working.


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Madelyn Olsen
Madelyn Olsen

As our Chief Creative Officer, Madelyn manages the creative process from concept to completion for our clients. She is trained in writing, graphic design and video production. She specializes in translating marketing objectives into clear creative strategies and executing multi-platform social media content campaigns. She graduated from the honors program at Roosevelt University in Chicago with a degree in Journalism.